What’s zerotrust.digital?

Organized by com|code, the goal of the zerotrust.digital initiative is to be a partnership driven platform for collaborations and projects in the fields of digital security & innovation. The multi-faceted urgencies and crisis in the digital world call for committed and powerful solutions. The name zerotrust.digital stands for the importance of establishing trust in all areas of the digital age, and the risks associated with failure to do so. Trustworthy partnerships, IT infrastructures, software, and security concepts all together are the foundation to a successful digital transformation.

The goal of zerotrust.digital is to bring competences and partners from various segments like industry, research and teaching, and associations together through shared motivation. In joint effort, zerotrust.digital can support the implementation of successful digital strategies, strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty, bundle expertise and resources, and directly affect and improve the competitiveness and success of companies. This website gives an overview of projects, events, and partnerships zerotrust.digital as a thematic platform supports.

Main Topics

  • Urban Security (for smart city concepts & entire smart regions)
  • Personal Security (for individuals)
  • Business Security (for companies of all sizes)
  • Digital Strategy
  • Trustworthy AI
  • Secure Innovations

Projects and Activities

LabCampus’ Terminal TestLab

For com|code, the first building block of the zerotrust.digital initiative was the participation in the Terminal TestLab of the LabCampus at the Munich International Airport. During the month of February, between the two Lufthansa lounges in Terminal 2, topics related to the TestLab theme “Digital Security” were presented to travelers in a word wide unique way.

In the realm of the Terminal TestLab, com|code showcased a particularly exciting topic within cyber / digital security world called open source intelligence ("OSINT"). It stems out of the field of intelligence services and directly affects companies and individuals.

A project in collaboration with LabCampus, ISH, IABG and ZD.B.

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What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

In the digital world, OSINT means determining which potentially confidential and exploitable information about companies or individuals can be found through publicly available sources. Often among the findings is highly sensitive information, which can have significantly negative security consequences.

com|code has vigorously explored OSINT in the past years and carries out such analyses for clients and individuals. In close partnership with the University of Applied Sciences - Mittweida, as well as with students from one of the leading cybersecurity institutions, Champlain College in Vermont, USA, new methods are constantly being developed to find sensitive information on the internet.

Which results does OSINT yield?

Information that OSINT brings to light includes:

  • user accounts and their passwords
  • traces of cyberattacks on companies
  • confidential documents
  • what do others know about a company that should be purely internal
  • sensitive information on social media, etc.
  • who publishes such information
  • thereof resulting weaknesses in IT infrastructures / potential attack targets
  • options for action (anti-OSINT) and necessities

OSINT is legal

Important notice: Findings during OSINT analyses consist of publicly available information, making OSINT a legal process.

Cybercrime uses OSINT

Attacks on companies are often prepared by cyber criminals using OSINT. In the run-up to an attack, useful or compromising information about the company and its employees is collected and exploited to target the attack (e.g. information about secret projects, contact information, etc.).

OSINT is part of modern security strategies

Due to the risks associated with publicly available sensitive information, OSINT is becoming an increasingly integral part of modern cyber security strategies and ongoing security processes. OSINT is nearly always used to analyze cyberattacks on companies (e.g. where data was leaked, if there is malicious code that was used, etc.)

OSINT-2-GO can be experienced live

com|code is bringing OSINT to life in the Terminal TestLab. The demonstration of the OSINT-2-GO concept interactively showcases interested TestLab visitors the basics of what can be found ad hoc / "to go" about their own company. Simply providing the company name will give an insight into what is possible. While well-founded OSINT analyses are much more extensive and require time and patience, it’s always exciting, for visitors and even for com|code experts, to see what can be revealed in a short time.

OSINT-Compact as a raffle prize

com|code is raffling off an OSINT analysis of a whole day plus the presentation of the results (web session or on-site) to all visitors who leave a business card in the Terminal TestLab business card collection box.

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